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This issue contains a special dossier on the environment. It is called " Reconnection " and insists on cultural change. Raphaël Souchier presents various contributions made at the " Restore the Earth " conference organised by the Findhorn foundation in Scotland.
This issue contains contributions by enlighted people such as Vandana Shiva, Winona La Duke, Helena Norberg-Hodge (all of them women by the way), by our Indian network friends, as well as by Alan Watson.

The Johannesburg " Earth Summit II " has been unable to prompt governments into the radical actions which our planet requires. This is due, of course, to all kinds of reasons related to politics and power relations between North and South, as well as to growing differences between Europe and the US. But it is also due to our inability to change our mentality and see the world in a responsible and creative way. The world suffers, particularly at the level of its so-called leaders from a kind of " cultural stagnation ". Urgent cultural transformation is needed. By all of us.

by Aquifolium
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