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In this issue, a number of members and friends of Network Cultures are being presented by Siddhartha, through extracts of his lively and instructive book " The Bird Woman and Other Creative Rebels ". Marc Luyckx offers in an interview granted to an Arab journal his reflection on " Cultural Creatives " who are to be considered as the pioneers of a transmodern, post-capitalist and post-patriarchal age.

This is being complemented by a reflection on interconnectedness as a new paradigm to approach globalisation and by a note on African cultures as sources of alternatives to the dominant economic system.

Carmelina Carracillo published recently a beautiful book on the culture of European women from rural and industrial areas (see first part, in French). Her project is in a way a continuation of the important gender-oriented research and the publications which Edith Sizoo has devoted to the theme of how women shape their realities in society. David Korten is sharing his views on the mental and cultural background, particularly in the American media, which made possible the tragedy of the illegal war in Irak.

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