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Training and Consultancy offered worldwide! Since 1988,
South-North Network Cultures & Development has been addressing the essential role of cultural dynamics within society.

Our journal
Cultures and Development

N° 47 - 48 - 49



"Cultures and the Meaning of Local Practices"
Culturally-rooted alternatives
The implicit meaning
Development without hurting
Modesty, patience, respect

"Wearing Masks in Development"
The power of money; the power of culture
Development co-operation as mutual enrichment
African neo-lineages as survival mechanisms

The project's logic and the endogenous logic

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From the editor


"The Economists'Prejudice"
Western self-delusion and mahatma Gandhi
Production, a matter of secondary importance
The rules of the market, an invention of the West
Alternatives to the Economy?

" Spirituality and Social Action"
Zen Buddhism and development
Recovering faith in Rio (UNCED)
The activist and spirituality
The clasp of sisterhood and brotherhood

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