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The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon that cost thousands of innocent civilian lives is an alarming sign of escalating terrorism. It signals a qualitative and quantitative shift in the practice of terror as an arbiter in international affairs, and is far more reprehensible than a declared war. Al/ right-minded people must condemn the cult of violence that this celebrates, lest the culture of violence gains a new lease of legitimacy through this event.

Our heart-felt sympathies to out to the people of the United States who are coping with the aftermath of this unparalleled act of terrorism. We join those who have lot their dear ones in their hour of sorrow.

Even as we denounce this instance of terrorist violence, we also express our disapproval of the systemic violence practiced by unbridled capitalism from which millions around the world continue to suffer grievously. This form of violence may not be as dramatic as the mountain of debris left behind by the collapsed trade towers, but is even more costly in terms of human life. We urge the people of the US to wake up to a world held to ransom by the gigantic economic players in the global arena, currently dominated by the US itself.

The death of several thousands in one blinding crash is tragic and heartbreaking. Equally agonising is the slow death of starving people, who die in their thousands disowned by a world in hot pursuit after unlimited wealth. The challenge in the global village is to create a global community where the worth of human lives will not be measured by scales of affluence, and the needs of all people will be met out of the resources of the Earth.

Issued by :

Rev. Valson Thampu, Christian thinker and academic

Maulana Whaiduddin Khan, Islamic scholar and humanist

Dr. Mohinder Singh, Sikh scholar

Dr. Ved Pratap Vedic, Journalist and Writer

Sankaracharya Swami Madhavanand

Dr. A.K. Merchant, Bahai scholar

Swami Agnivesh, Arya Samaj leader and social activist

Network Cultures' journal “Cultures and Development” would like to associate itself to this show of sympathy to the American citizens. This text also includes an analysis which may help to avoid further tragedies. Swami Agnivesh is a friend and partner of Siddhartha (Network Cultures-Asia and “Fireflies”) and of Network Cultures in general.

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